Acus offers the very best products on the market, satisfying any customer need in a quick and precise way. The company manufactures tools based on specific customer requests, which are carefully studied and crafted in both carbide and solid HSS and/or brazed metal. The tools are provided with various types of coating, including Tin, Ticn, Tialn, Tinalox and many more. The company carries out wire EDM processing work for a wide range of parts and structures.

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ACUS sas
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(Brescia) Italy

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Since 1973, we have designed and created high-precision chip-removal tools, developed and created using custom designs


Founded in 1973 in the province of Brescia, Acus is a major production company specialised in designing and manufacturing high-precision chip-removal tools, used when working with traditional machines, numerically controlled machines, transfer machines, multi-spindle machines and special, new-concept machines.

Over the years, Acus has continued to grow and prove itself as an innovative and cutting-edge company able to promptly deal with issues in processing various ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including the very latest issues.

Thanks to our know-how in the field, acquired through to our close, everyday collaborations with the industry’s leading production companies, our efficient construction solutions, the high-quality raw materials used and our use of technologically advanced machinery, we are able to offer the best products on the market to meet the needs of the most demanding customers in a prompt and precise way, guaranteeing high levels of quality.

The company

A breeding ground for fresh ideas and customised solutions make Acus a truly unique company aimed at an ever competitive and global marketplace.

Customised solutions

for high-precision tools

Acus provides totally customised solutions for high-precision tools based on specific client requests or custom designs

Solid Carbide

Perfect for products that require excellent stability and resistance


Often chosen for large diameters and offers great value for money

Mechanical Clamping

Allows cutting tools to be totally interchangeable

Each specific need is carefully studied in order to provide high-quality products that are entirely designed and manufactured within our production facility. We use a variety of manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge, high-quality materials, including sintered carbides, high-speed steel, sintered steel, carbide-brazed metals and polycrystalline-brazed metals, in accordance with specific client requirements and working conditions.

Research and development

New dedicated solutions flexibility and a forward-thinking approach set us apart and inspire us every day to face new challenges and provide effective and efficient solutions for issues in processing materials. Our staff are constantly in search of innovative and technologically advanced solutions, continually working to use new materials designed for processing ever more complex and structured components.

“Experience, flexibility and customised services for industries that process metals and plastic materials.”