Acus offers the very best products on the market, satisfying any customer need in a quick and precise way. The company manufactures tools based on specific customer requests, which are carefully studied and crafted in both carbide and solid HSS and/or brazed metal. The tools are provided with various types of coating, including Tin, Ticn, Tialn, Tinalox and many more. The company carries out wire EDM processing work for a wide range of parts and structures.

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ACUS sas
Via Matteotti, 11
25086 Rezzato
(Brescia) Italy

Phone: (0039) 030 2792041
Fax: (0039) 030 2591233
P.IVA: 00320790173
Email: info@acusutensili.it


Thanks to our experience, organisation and in-depth understanding of the market, we offer a complete and innovative service that meets the complex needs of today’s precision mechanics industries.

High-precision mechanical processing

The company’s internal organisation, production capacity and technical expertise sets Acus apart and enables us to carry out small and medium-size orders with precision processing. We use wire EDM and micro-holemaking; flat and cylindrical grinding work is undertaken on various structured components made with materials with different hardness levels.

We work for third parties, guaranteeing that work is carried out and delivered in as timely and confidential a manner as possible, ensuring that all work is completed accurately and that internal quality control checks are undertaken with the ultimate aim of satisfying all the customer’s specific needs.

Examples of processes and creations

  • Wire EDM
  • Micro-holemaking
  • Precision callipers
  • Blanking moulds
  • Cutting tools
  • Seal rings
  • Gears
  • Templates
  • Anti-friction sliding components
  • Shaped blades and knives
  • Small and medium-size high-precision mechanical components with electrical conductivity
  • Pre-production prototypes


From initial design stages to feasibility studies, from prototyping to manufacturing and quality-control rigorously carried out in-house, creating successful and efficient products is our mission each and every day.
We constantly focus our efforts and energy on industrialising and customising our solutions, to ensure our customers are totally satisfied and our products offer the very best in terms of performance. In terms of subcontracting work, Acus stands out thanks its speed of execution, its ability to respond fully to even the most urgent client needs and the wide range of services on offer, including wire EDM for moulds and cutting tools, extrusion moulds, plates, seal rings and sliding runners.
Since 1973, Acus has been known for its reliable, innovative and cutting-edge solutions. From precision callipers to templates, and anti-friction sliding components to pre-production prototypes, we provide our customers with a complete service tailored to them, guaranteeing the best value for money and certified processes.