Acus offers the very best products on the market, satisfying any customer need in a quick and precise way. The company manufactures tools based on specific customer requests, which are carefully studied and crafted in both carbide and solid HSS and/or brazed metal. The tools are provided with various types of coating, including Tin, Ticn, Tialn, Tinalox and many more. The company carries out wire EDM processing work for a wide range of parts and structures.

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Customised punching tools

Founded in 1973 in the province of Brescia, in a district that relies heavily on, and is historically active in precision mechanics and the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, Acus is a flexible and continually developing company that remains committed to pursuing technologically advanced solutions to provide industries with cutting-edge products. The company stands out with its special, entirely custom-designed tools, made to satisfy a wide range of different requirements and complex processing needs.

Acusmakes steel punches and extractors for specific tools and sintered carbides, which are designed for a wide range of different uses, from metal sheets to plastics.

Examples of punching tools

  • Punches and extractors
  • Cylindrical punches
  • Moulding punches
  • Shaped-end punches
  • For holemaking
  • Extrusion punches
  • Guide bushings for extractors

Manufacturing techniques

Solid, carbide-brazed, mechanical clamping.

Materials used

Carbide, special steel, sintered carbide.

Special tools

Customised punches and extractors made with steel suitable for a wide range of different uses, from metal sheets to plastics.

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High-tech solutions for special applications

From initial feasibility studies, we maintain a close relationship with our clients, providing the best advice for customised projects and manufacturing the very best solid carbide, brazed and mechanical-clamping tools, which are custom-made based on specific requirements and uses.


This includes initial ideas, technical designs completed and developed with CAD technology, studies of working conditions and possible structures for tools.


Carried out entirely on site to guarantee complete control of timings and product quality, with close attention paid to the customer’s specific requests and requirements.


TAll of our tools come with regenerative and sharpening after-sales services, managed by our area managers, who can be contacted by phone.

Quality control

With our latest-generation cnc presetting, we are able to provide written certification for quotas and related tolerances, upon request.

Upon request,

we are able

to deliver

special design tools

within 48 hours.